The ELA 10-Eclipse is the most advanced, efficient and refined autogyro ever designed by ELA Aviation. It is the second model of a new generation of innovative autogyros, with a high technological level and created by the most advanced design techniques, reconciled with the craftsmanship of our master body builders. The 10-Eclipse is a two-seater gyro in a tandem configuration, closed cabin, convertible, avant-garde design and with “Premium” finish as standard. The 10-Eclipse is the most capable ELA in history, with a flight autonomy of up to 6 hours and 65 liters of cargo capacity between its three luggage compartments. Conceived to travel, its high performance and interior finishes will make you stop dreaming, to start living.


In aeronautics safety comes first and ELA Aviación is very aware of this; For this reason, this 10-Eclipse has been designed so that the pre-flight check tasks can be done in the most efficient and simple way possible. The air inlets that guarantee the cooling of the motor are easily removable, with which the motor is partially uncovered, leaving easy access to carry out said inspections.

The 10-Eclipse cab is formed by a monocoque of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, as well as the tail empennage. In the manufacture of these vital pieces, the most avant-garde techniques of stratified composites are used. After its manufacture, the pieces are baked in a post-curing room that reaches a temperature of 100ºC, which gives it a very high mechanical resistance.

The metallic structure of the autogyro formed by the mast, motor support and tail boom is made of aeronautical quality steel AISI 4130, welded with TIG.

The pre-launcher, while powerful and automatic, is also “anti-incidents”, because it has been designed in such a way that they prevent the accidental start-up in flight.

The landing gear has also been one of the elements that have been studied with more care, in order to ensure its safety. Its extensive battle, wheelbase and flexibility, ensure a high stability in landing and taxi.

The 10-Eclipse is equipped with large passive safety systems such as, its internal and independent fuel tank,
four-point safety belts in both seats, parking brake with parking function, dome made of aeronautical plexiglass and a long etcetera …


The ELA 10-Eclipse is the most elegant work created by ELA Aviación, with a sharp design and at the same time harmonious, in which every detail of both the exterior and the interior has been taken care of.The mast, landing gear, wheels, engine … everything has been fairing to give the 10-Eclipse a spectacular finish.

Elegance, in keeping with comfort. This also applies to the studied ergonomics that covers the entire interior design: resistant materials, layout and logic of controls, which head the new generation of exclusive autogyros. As the central console upward forward, illuminated and upholstered in soft materials to the eye and touch.


The ELA 10-Eclipse is a touring autogyro, which has taken into account the aerodynamic performance of the set to ensure a high cruising speed with a contained fuel consumption. Its spectacular performance is due to its low aerodynamic drag as all the elements have been engineered to achieve cruising speeds from 90Km / h to the incredible 170km / h of continuous cruising and a VNE of 190Km / h. Its fuel tank of 87 liters, offers us a flight autonomy of up to 6 hours without refueling, with an action range of more than 600km. No autogyro will take you that far!

Rotor blades: The ELA rotors are world-renowned for their high performance and consist of a leading edge of extruded aluminum and a foam core; all coated with carbon fiber and epoxy resin. Our systems of selection, matching and adjustment, guarantee a very low vibration and an ergonomics without comparison.


  • Structure made of chrome-molybdenum steel AISI 4130.
  • Fuselage, tail empennage and carbon fiber fairings.
  • Rotax 912 ULS engine (100 hp).
  • Rotor of 8’5m (28ft).
  • Helix Helix H-50 carbon fiber tripala.
  • Windshield for summer flight.
  • Powerful Nuemático prelanzador.
  • Trim / electro-pneumatic rotor brake.
  • Mechanical trim
  • Hydraulic wheel brake with parking system.
  • Fuel tank of 87 l (23 gal) with flume.
  • 4-point safety belt.
  • Upholstered seats in high quality beige or red.
  • Marbled interior in high quality in beige / white or black / red.
  • Wide range available in metallic colors, smooth or matt.
  • Powerful heating in the cabin.
  • LED landing lights.
  • Strobe light on mast.
  • USB 5v-2A or cigarette lighter 12v-10A in instrument panel.
  • Oil thermostat.
  • Exhaust silencer duplicated.
  • Friction clutch


  • The ELA 10-Eclipse is equipped with three luggage compartments.
  • Instrument panel complete as standard.
  • Easy-open motor air inlets for pre-flight inspections with ease.
  • Engine cooling system designed to operate in the most adverse climates.
  • Functional design of the tail empennage that guarantees stability at high speed, unprecedented in cabined autogyros.
  • Powerful hydraulic wheel brakes.
  • Pneumatic rotor trim / brake system, designed by ELA Aviation 20 years ago and imitated by most manufacturers.
  • Powerful automatic pre-release (300 rpm).


  • Digital anemometer
  • Altimeter / Digital variometer.
  • Digital compass.
  • Rotor trim gauge.
  • Multi-function digital instrument “Kanardia EMSIS”, which controls all
    the engine parameters.
  • VHF TQ AVIONIK KRT2-S radio with line-in for music

Technical data

  • Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) limited to 450 kg in some countries of the European Union.
  • Parameters determined during the flight test campaign with an average piloting experience and the aircraft in good condition. The parameters refer to ISA conditions (Standard atmospheric pressure, 15ºC of temperature and at sea level.

The ELA 10-Eclipse is currently the most evolved gyrocopter on the market, from its closed and heated cabin it can be seen as if from a balcony it was all culture from a bird’s-eye view.


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